About Me

Mackenzie Janes

I have many passions, with the concept of swimming fast coming in at the top of the list. Competing for Rackley Swim Team in the 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly at a national level, I am very interested in the idea of absolute maximum speed through the water.

Through studying at the University of Queensland, halfway through a Bachelor of Laws (hons) and a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), I intend to use my critical and analytical skills to provide a dimension of science to sprint swimming. My goal is to combine this with my own experiences and understanding of the sport, in order to reinvigorate and challenge the normative aspects of swimming training.

Besides this, my hobbies include football (or soccer) refereeing, graphic design, and entrepreneurial endeavours.

I love sharing my ideas, and being challenged on them, in order to better understand the world at large. Feel free to contact me and interact on this site in doing just so :).